Self-care with the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique helps you unlearn bad habits, like slouching at the computer.

Why try the Alexander Technique? Imagine being able to monitor and catch unhelpful habits in the act, such as slumping. If you’ve ever found yourself hunched over, you’re technically doing this to yourself. Our bodies don’t like to be shortened and compressed. Through the Alexander Technique you learn to simply not let this happen by finding and becoming reacquainted with your body's natural co-ordination and postural support.

Life can be pretty crazy sometimes! And sadly during the daily grind we forget all about our bodies. Living in this manner is like being on auto-pilot but, with the Technique, you can welcome your body back into your life. The Alexander Technique allows for awareness and choices in dealing with yourself throughout the day. Without it, chances are, you'll overwork yourself and overtense your muscles.

The Alexander Technique allows our brains to be the origin of our movement.

How does the Alexander Technique work? First consider how you move. Initially there’s a thought, an idea. Then the expression of that thought in movement. In other words, we move because we have a brain. From there, messages are sent out through the body via the nervous system. In the Alexander Technique your thinking directly affects your body.

Habits of movement and posture work in the same way and this is why, in the Alexander Technique, the student remains actively engaged. Simply fixing the body, or what's on the outside, won’t do much good if the thoughts and ideas, or what's going on on the inside, aren't addressed first. On a scientific level the Alexander Technique is reworking psycho-physical habits of movement and posture by rewiring the nervous system. It's been proven that there are long-term benefits in addressing not only the physical but also the mental ideas about our movement.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique

How do you classify the Alexander Technique? This Technique is not a therapy. Nor does it deal with diet or exercise. It's not strictly Ergonomics either. There's no "fixing" or "cracking" here. The Alexander Technique is an educational model that allows you more say in how you use your body by learning to do less. It's proactive and preventative-based medicine!

The Alexander Technique promotes:

  • Lessening of Daily Aches and Pains
  • Improved Posture and Alignment
  • Better Performance and Ease of Movement
  • Lowering of Physical and Mental Stress
  • Better Balance and Body Awareness
  • Integrated and Expansive Breathing
  • Increased Confidence and Well-being


Joe Schaefer

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