What to expect.

Lessons are typically made up of three parts:

Hands-on Alexander Technique in Harrisburg, PA

Chair Work

First there's hands-on work that deals with getting in and out of a chair.

You're not learning the “right” way to sit and stand (you already know how to do that!), but rather you're learning where you make things harder for yourself when sitting and standing habitually. Where do you go wrong?

For example, do you like to use your arms to help you get up? Or maybe you find yourself holding your breath?

In the Alexander Technique the teacher's hands are used only to guide and encourage a new ease of movement.

Table Work in Alexander Technique in Harrisburg, PA

Table Work

Following chair is table work. Here one is fully-clothed, in a come-as-you-are manner on a standard massage table. The teacher makes their way around the body gently encouraging opening, undoing, length and width. During this time you're learning to let go of habits of postural holding. Think of it as decompression time!

Have you ever had a massage, felt great for a day or two and then felt miserable, like you were hopelessly back at square one? This is because the body forgets after awhile and that is why in the Alexander Technique, while lying down, sleeping is discouraged. The Alexander Technique works with your body and your brain which promotes long-term benefits, as long as the student is actively engaged. You want to be aware of what’s going on in your body and sensing the changes that are being made. When this happens the effects of a lesson can be taken with you!

Activity Work in Alexander Technique in Harrisburg, PA

Activity Work

Lastly, there is work in "activity." This is the application part.

Throughout the lesson, habits are found and avoided. Here we bring in an activity such as texting, tying your shoes, playing an instrument or whatever you’d like to look at, seeing how well you can stay with freedom and ease in your body.

This sounds easy, but habits come back quickly! Because this type of bodywork is framed within a learning model, it leads to lasting change. The Alexander Technique will help you rethink and reshape your ideas about movement and much more.

Alexander Technique Lessons

There are no aggressive protocols or exercises.

Lessons are 45 minutes in length.

10-15 lessons are recommended to rethink and reshape your movements.

Rates are variable with student discounts available.

Lessons can be held at Carlisle Bowenwork studio or at private residencies. Joe also works in- and out-of-state with athletes and artists in their own spaces.

Group work and workshops are available as well. These can be more introductory and general or specialized for a particular professional setting. Joe has given workshops at local universities and wellness centers for actors, musicians, and computer users.

Please contact Joe to discuss what you're looking for.


Joe Schaefer

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