Alexander Technique

in Pennsylvania

Hi, I'm Joe Schaefer.
Move free. Live free. Be free.

The Alexander Technique makes welcome changes to those who have issues with pain, poor posture, balance, or stress.

The Alexander Technique is a method that frees the body of habits of posture and movement. Through time, unconscious habits tend to build up and begin to distort our natural co-ordination. By addressing habitual ideas and experiencing unhabitual movement a new sense of freedom and ease can be discovered.


Joe Schaefer

AT is teaching me to live, move and work in a lighter, easier way, without the tension I used to carry. Having a more flexible spine that is straighter, and shoulders that are comfortably relaxed down and away from my ears, is a happy side effect of unlearning old habits of movement. Both physically and mentally, I feel lighter, freer, more centered and confident. I’ve had AT lessons on and off for about a year and am continually learning and gaining a deeper understanding of this work.

All I can say is 'Wow.' I've been working with Joe now for over a year. We've taken a look at everything from posture, to walking, to swimming. It's so easy to become unaware of how we use our bodies. Over the past year I've made major strides in how I use my body and have significantly increased my awareness in every day activities. Thank you, Joe!

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes a lot of muscular pain. AT has definitely benefited me in dealing with this. It has helped me to recognize patterns of holding tension that only cause more pain. Also being aware of how I am using my body has made a huge difference for me at work. No more headaches and tender shoulders. I have been learning about AT for the last few years and it has made a big difference in my life.

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